Shaping Program Repair Space with Existing Patches and Similar Code

Published in ISSTA18: The 27th International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, July 16-21, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands, page 298-309., 2018

Jiajun Jiang, Yingfei Xiong, Honeyu Zhang, Qing Gao, Xiangqun Chen

🏅The most cited paper among all research papers at ISSTA’18 within half year since published.

Brief Intro.

In this paper, we proposed a new automatic program repair approach, called SimFix, which utilizes exiting patches from other projects and similar code snippets in the faulty program to reduce the search space of candidate patches. SimFix depends on a tree-based code differencing algorithm. Based on our evaluation, SimFix correctly repaired 34 faults, achieving the largest number of faults repaired by a single approach. Besides, 13 in 34 faults have never been repaired by any existing technique as far as we know.

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