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I studied at Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University from July to August in 2014 as a visiting student, during which time, I was mainly responsible for knowledge trend analysis and its visualization. It consisted of two aspects. The first one is to find current hot research topics by analyzing the paper keywords with statistical methodology. And the second one is analyzing authors’ relationships via their papers citations and then displaying them using visualization technology.

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SPLC 2016 is The 20th International Systems and Software Product Line Conference, which mainly focuses on the area of software product lines, software product family engineering and, more in general, systems family engineering.
My duty is assisting publication/proceedings chair to deal with some publication related work, including communicating with paper authors, contacting publisher (ACM), and preparing final conference proceedings.

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As a visiting Ph.D student in the University of Newcastle, Australia under the supervision of Prof. Hongyu Zhang and Yingfei Xiong, I mainly worked on automatic program repair and finished a research paper, which has been published as a technical paper in the top conference in software engineering area (ISSTA18).

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As a visiting research student in the University of Texas at Dallas, US under the supervision of Prof. Lingming Zhang and Yingfei Xiong, I am honored to collaborate with Xia and Luyao working on bug detection and program debugging with mining open-source code repositories. One technical paper was published on ASE’19.

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During the (“Starts of Tomorrow”) internship in Microsoft Research (Beijing), I was mainly working on incident management for online service systems with Qingwei Lin (mentor). Particularly, I focused on assisting developers in the incident mitigation process, for which we have proposed a troubleshooting guide (TSG) recommendation approach by leveraging deep learning techniques, and evaluated its effectiveness on real-world data from Microsoft.





PATL4J is an automatic program transformation tool, which targets to many-to-many API adaptation. We implemented this tool as an eclipse-plugin. The corresponding paper was published on ECOOP16



SimFix is a prototype of our automatic program repair approach published at ISSTA18, which leverages existing patches from open-source projects and similar code snippets within the faulty program to generate repair patches.



StateCoverLocator is a prototype of our automatic fault localization approach published on ASE19, which combines the strength of spectrum-based fault localizaiton and statistical debugging techniques .



GenPat is a prototype of our automatic transformation inferring framework published on ASE19, which leverage code dependency graph and history big code for transformation abstraction.